World of Koral

A Dark Fantasy Boy's Love comic about Gods

Marius, the water God,

went mad when the Celestial Duties exiled him from the sky.
However, he will begin to change for the best after creating his first life form, a man. Soon, he will name this man the first King of Koral, an underwater planet he created, but the war between the sky and the sea has only started...
Will Marius be able to forget about his past and find a happy ending?

Or will he choose the path of perpetual torment seeking vengeance?
...maybe he will try both...

World of Koral, 2020, digital, Clip Studio, Comic, 54 colored pages 

Environment Art Design

Day and Night Underwater city concept art

World of Koral, 2020, digital, Photoshop, Comic, Concept Art