My name is Myriam Wei Xin Décarie-Théberge

I am a Canadian from Montreal with Chinese origins, hence the provenance of my author name.

My favourite things in the world are books, writing, drawing, karate, and travelling.

My main interests are dark fantasy and mythology but my passion lies in creating worlds and universes that make us dream.

I really like to include diversities in my art, due to my origin and from being a member of the LGBTQ community

It's important for me to draw more of it. 

My Story

I have dreamt of living from my comics and illustrations since I was nine years old. At a very young age, I wrote and drew my own stories. Since my father made his career as a book representative, I grew up in the world of editing.

With the years, I perfected my drawing techniques with a DEC in Visual Arts, a DEC in fashion design with a costume specialization, and an AEC in Illustration. I describe myself as a hardworking, professional and determined person.

I worked for nine years in the fashion industry as a seamstress and assistant designer. So I have a deep understanding of clothes and costumes. My work in fashion has allowed me to learn to work under pressure, meet my deadlines, deliver the goods on short notice, and plan and organize my schedule and work tasks to make it happen.

I went back to university in Industrial Relations trying to change careers, but I quickly missed the artistic community. However, I discovered a real interest in human relations and psychology. This is why I often tackle, through my comics, reflections, character development, and identity quests.

With a background in traditional and digital art, I've worked on small projects.

 I hope to have the chance to meet and work with even more inspiring and talented artists who share the same passions.

Since January 2021, I offer my freelance services in Illustration to publishers and other creative businesses.